From Bergheim

The municipality of Bergheim is a wine-growing village known for the quality of its wines since the Romans. One of the largest mosaic tiles of more than 80 square meters was discovered there, which is exhibited at the Unterlinden Museum. The surface of the vineyard represents 340 hectares being part of the 5 largest wine-growing villages in Alsace.

The soils are mainly clay-marl-limestone-greasy. The town has two grands crus: Altenberg de Bergheim for 35.06 hectares and Kanzlerberg de Bergheim for 3.23 hectares as well as 11 localities which are in the process of being classified as 1er cru, of which we operate different plots: Brandhurst from Bergheim, the Burlenberg, the Burg, the Blosenberg, the Saint-Georges, the Haguenau from Bergheim, the Gruenspiel, the Engelgarten, the Rotenberg, the Goldesch, the Pflaenzer.

As in Rorschwihr, the wines of Bergheim can benefit from botrytis cynerea provided that the winegrower works there according to the principles of the Benedictines. We can find there the nation of vintages which allow to have subtle and complex wines enhanced by a massive and elegant structure which can also cross the ages.




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